Monday, September 5, 2011

We are officially the foster parents for Bella Curie, a 3 year old black beauty, who has come to us from quite the adventure. Bella had been originally fostered and adopted by other people. Sadly she didn't fit into their lifestyle so was returned to Greys Landing to find a (new) forever home.

It must be stressful on her being shuffled around to different homes. We have had her 5 days now and she is settling in, learning the rules of her new home.

Our initial impressions of her is that she is quite the explorer. As a matter of fact, we learned one of her kennel names is Miss Curious, which suits her quite well. Our resident greyhounds have never been into the basement, while Bella took the first opportunity to go down with Grant and check things out.

Another thing she is working out is where in the pack order she is. In her previous foster home she bossed the boys around, getting them to give up their beds for her. No such luck here, I'm afraid. Rio, the resident ten year old male, will growl at her when she stands over him willing him to move. No young whipper snapper is going to make this old guy move. Wavorly, our four year old girl, isn't a push over either. So far Bella has not pressed matters and taking things with good grace.

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